Level 1 ‘Wide Reading’

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Here are the documents you need for your 1.10 ‘Wide Reading’ assessment this year.  The actual assessment handout, as well as templates that guides you in how to write your entries and a handout outlining the text criteria are attached.  Please note that:

  • You MUST read 6 texts
  • 4 of these texts must be written, with 2 extended written text as compulsory (novels, drama scripts…anything longer in length) *please see attached table

    Download (PDF, 38KB)

  • Typically students would go: 2 novels, 2 short story responses, 2 films.  Make sure you have at least 2 novels in there and at least 2 other pieces of written work.

The entries require you to show personal engagement with what you’ve read.  This isn’t the time for ‘film-type reviews’.  You need to show empathy, maturity, a reflection on society…using “I thought…it made me realise…I reflected” type statements will support you in your responses.

By my return, I anticipate you will have completed and submitted four entries to Mrs Walker.  So time to knuckle down and work hard!


Download (DOCX, 93KB)

Download (DOCX, 18KB)

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